Why Should I Use Design-Build Remodeling?

Why Should I Use Design-Build Remodeling? 1

Why Should I Use Design-Build Remodeling?

When you embark on a major remodeling project, chances are you’ll come across tons of choices and terminology that you’ve never encountered before. From ogee finished edges to soapstone countertops, the renovation world can feel foreign if you’re a first-time remodeler. Luckily Heaven at Hand is here to clear things up, especially when it comes to the latest construction methods like design-build remodeling. Here’s why we believe it’s the only method you should choose for a major remodeling project.

What is Design-Build Remodeling?

A design-build remodeling company offers everyone a remodel needs under one roof. “Design build is really a project system that incorporates Design, Construction Management and Value Engineering all under one roof with a single point of contact.” Lori Sledd, CFO of Heaven at Hand says, “It also reduces the complexity for the homeowner to manage disparate contracts.”

If you wanted to use a traditional construction method (design-bid-build) then you would be responsible for coordinating with the designer, architect, contractor and engineer, having a range of conversations and making sure information is passed on to all parties. Not only is this a full-time job, but it’s an inefficient and mistake-prone way to execute a remodel.

What are the Advantages of Design-Build Remodeling?

Design-Build remodeling is faster and more efficient. The team you hire has been working together for years so they know how to communicate and operate to get the job done. Studies show that Design-Build projects tend to be less costly than traditional methods, and collaborative design-build teams complete remodeling projects faster.

A Penn State Study showed that Design Build Projects have less schedule growth, a faster delivery speed, and cost 6% less. But don’t just take it from them.

Why Should I Use Design-Build Remodeling? 2
“Our clients tell us over and over that they love the fact they have one point of contact,” Sledd says, “reduced stress and better communication compared to prior remodeling projects.” Design-build is faster, cheaper and easier than traditional design-bid-building methods, what’s not to love about that?

Who is on the design build team?

The Designer

Candice is an award-winning designer (https://www.nari.org/Awards-Recognition/CotY/2022) with a breadth of knowledge and experience remodeling residential homes. She will take your vision, however detailed or vague, and turn it into tangible quartz countertops and stunning designer fixtures. 

The Contractor/ Project Manager

The best laid plans are nothing without an expert craftsman to carry them out. Warren is our powerhouse contractor who manages the sub-contractors and coordinates with the designer so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Value of Value Engineering

One of the values of having each team member for your construction project under one roof, is that they make sure every part of the design and construction of your remodel work together. “Value engineering is a method our design and production team employs to deliver the best value to your project,” Sledd says. “By examining cost, function, aesthetics, wear and tear, and intended use of materials, we can quickly make modifications and changes where it makes sense and deliver the best results.”

When your team is committed to the final result, and not just their pen and paper plan, they can adapt through the duration of the project. Those inevitable surprises like when they open up the wall and find a stud where you want a window don’t have to be catastrophic when everyone is on the project from start to finish.

How does it work?

Phase One: Pre-Construction

Conception Meetings

First, we have an initial meeting where we discuss everything you’ve been thinking about, your ideas, your timeline, your style, your budget and your needs. This part is all about you. Then we take all that information and start brainstorming ideas.

Scope of Work

After a few meetings with you to finalize our design, and after we talk to our subcontractors and vendors, we can begin writing up a scope of work for your project. This includes all the labor and materials that will go into your remodel, from sheets of plywood to custom curtains, all of it goes into this detailed document.

Proposal meeting

This is when you meet your final design and get a chance to make changes. Once you approve it all you will sign the construction contract and we’re on our way!

Phase Two: Construction


We won’t begin the project until we have permits, signage and any testing requirements completed. A preconstruction meeting will introduce you to the final plan for the work on a day to day basis, and let you review the project timeline. By the time Demo begins you’ll have a list of important phone numbers and know the production lead who will be present at the job site.


This is the messy but oh-so-fun part. We tear out the walls and begin crafting your fabulous new space. It’s dusty and raw, but we clean up at the end of every day so you’re comfortable.


This is where we clean up, do the final walk through, and make sure everything on our list is completed. Sometimes this part can take a few weeks as you begin to use the space again, but this is where perfection happens and we make sure you’re completely satisfied.


Now you get to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous new space you manifested at the beginning of this process. Congratulations! Let’s do the guest bath next! satisfied.

Is Design-Build right for me?

“It depends.” Sledd says. “The size, complexity and scope of the project will determine if design-build is the best solution. If you have a smaller project (a bathroom for example) that does not require major modifications to walls, electrical or plumbing, you can use the Design-Bid-Build method where the homeowner selects each professional separately.” But if your project is more complex, or larger scale, Design-Build is probably the better choice. 

If you’re interested in taking the next step on your remodeling project, and want to know if the design build process is right for you, reach out today for a no-obligation consultation.

Heaven at Hand Construction is an award-winning, family-run, design-build company that specializes in custom and high-end remodels for your home. We’ll take your project from concept and design to construction and polish in a streamlined process with stunning results. Let our family take care of yours.

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