Why do I need a Kitchen Designer?

Why do I need a Kitchen Designer? 1

Why do I need a Kitchen Designer?

When your family is investing a significant amount of time and money into a big remodel, you want to make sure every dollar goes as far as it can. It can feel unnecessary to pay for a designer when there are so many other costs associated with your kitchen remodel, how else will you be able to afford all those matching appliances without going over budget.

Clients often ask us why they need a kitchen designer when they can easily go to their local big box store and pick out tile and countertop for cheap, or order faucets on Black Friday from any number of online retailers, and we get it, we do. No one wants to spend more money than they have to, but we’re here to tell you that skimping on a designer and managing the project yourself could be a recipe for disaster, and after the final coat of paint is dry, the price you pay for a designer could easily save you time, heartache and money on your remodel.


A designer is a specialist

There’s a reason why you hire a mechanic to fix your car when it’s broken, or a dentist to fill a cavity, it’s because they’re specialists. Years of training and experience have made them experts in their field and we trust them to help us diagnose problems and make decisions about our future and well-being. A designer is no different. 

“A professional designer has a background in fine art and graphic design, as well as building science,” says Heaven at Hand Designer Candice Sledd, “So there are certain processes and principles that are second nature to me.” A professional designer isn’t simply picking out finishes, they’re using a lifetime of professional experience and intuitive artistry to put together a final product that is perfect for your family and your space. 

A designer knows how to avoid common mistakes

How many kitchens do you plan on redesigning in your life? One? Two?

A busy designer completes five to ten kitchen remodels every year. That’s a lot of on-the-job training that makes their design work more streamlined, efficient, and error-proof.

“Our training is going through project after project after project, and learning the pitfalls.” Sledd says, “And we’re always learning about new products and techniques.” A designer lives and breathes remodels. They have honed their process on many jobs before yours, and will continue to learn and grow as a designer after. If you just started researching gorgeous kitchens on Houzz a few weeks ago and want to design a kitchen on your own, you may be setting yourself up for some expensive mistakes that an experienced designer could help you avoid.

A designer knows details

Do you want an Ogee edge on your countertop? Bullnose? Bevel? Half bevel? Overwhelmed and stressed that you don’t know what those words mean or which would look best in your post-modern industrial style home? Welcome to a kitchen remodel without a designer. 

However detailed you think your plan is, your contractor will ask you questions like this. From the hang height of your carefully sourced pendant light, to the style of your outlet cover plate, there will be details you simply haven’t thought of. “Even though a contractor has remodeled many kitchens before, they won’t give you the best advice on design decisions because they are focused on building,” Candice says. A designer is your advocate and you can trust them to make decisions that support the overall vision of the space so you don’t have to frantically google design terms while you’re grocery shopping, or visit a countertop supplier on your lunch break to see an Ogee edge in real life. 

A designer has an overall vision

It’s easy to get caught up on one facet of the design, like the layout or the flooring, but a designer’s job is to step back and see the final product. They will coordinate every detail and delivery, from appliances to the finishes, to support that overall vision.

 “Designers are not just decorators who select finishes and paint colors. We always have a plan,” says Candice. “A designer manages the construction too. In a remodel there are lots of drawings, tracking numbers, and paperwork. I am constantly coordinating the delivery, and storage of materials, and making sure things are getting installed exactly how we planned.”

Designing a kitchen is a full-time job and even if a homeowner has the same knowledge and experience as a designer, “they don’t necessarily have the time to do what designers do,” Candice says, “because they have full time jobs themselves.”

A designer can save you money and pay for themselves

Sometimes the price tag of the designer is the only thing stopping homeowners from committing and hiring one, but this is a short-sighted decision. A kitchen remodel is a huge investment in your life and your home, and mistakes can be costly. 

“Sometimes,” Candice says, “homeowners get excited and want to see all their finishes come together so they make hasty decisions. But a tile you see under artificial lighting at a big box store will not look the same in your south facing kitchen, and you may not realize the colors are off until the grout is dry.” You have two options, eat the cost and redo it, or live with your poor decision for the lifetime of your brand new kitchen. 

Not only can a designer help you avoid costly mistakes, but, Sledd says, “they also have access to the trade resources and relationships that homeowners simply don’t.” These relationships with suppliers and product distributors often cut out the profit-grubbing middleman and help you achieve the custom look you’re after. 

If you’re comfortable spending tens of thousands of dollars on a kitchen remodel and having it only turn out okay, then maybe you should go about it yourself. But if you want your dream kitchen without a ton of stress, hiring a designer is the way to go. And if you’re ready to meet with Candice for your no-obligation design consultation, contact us today. We would love to help you design and realize the kitchen of your dreams.

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