An Accessible Bathroom

Location: Los Angeles, California 

Scope of Work: Replace an outdated bathroom with an ADA accessible space that would accommodate a wheelchair throughout.

Renovation Timeline: Three Months

Budget: $40,000-$50,000

An Accessible Bathroom 1

The Project

When we got the call from our client (we’ve omitted their names to protect their privacy) to make their master bathroom more ADA accessible, we were ready and willing to help. We converted their garage into an amazing home gym a few years ago to help the husband who suffered a stroke and is now wheelchair-bound, have a place to exercise at home. Now they needed to remodel their bathroom so it could accommodate his wheelchair and give him more freedom and accessibility.

An Accessible Bathroom 2

Enter the Sledd family and H@H.

The Plan

Candice worked with the homeowners to design a bathroom that would fit all of their needs. It included a bath and shower in a curbless wet area that could accommodate a wheelchair and offered central drainage. Also in the plan was an accessible toilet with grab bars, luxury bidet and heated toilet seat, and an easy-to-use vanity that had space beneath the sink for the footrests and wheels of the husband’s wheelchair.

An Accessible Bathroom 3

The Work

With Candice’s stunning design in hand, Warren and his team went to work, ripped the bathroom down to the studs and uncovered a myriad of problems.

 Many of the studs were rotted and needed to be replaced one by one, and the existing plumbing was clogged and not to code.

An Accessible Bathroom 4

 Because the wet area had to be curbless, and have central drainage, we needed to drop the floor slightly, and relocate the plumbing so it would fit beneath a proper drainage grade. 

An Accessible Bathroom 5

 We custom built the vanity so it would make maximum use of the space and give him plenty of room for his wheelchair.

An Accessible Bathroom 6

The Result

After just a few months, our clients had the beautiful bright bathroom they’d always wanted, with all the modern ADA accessibility that they needed too.

An Accessible Bathroom 2An Accessible Bathroom 1

  • We created an open bathroom layout with a large, functional wet area
  • Candice added lots of additional lighting, including task and ambient lighting, to create a bright and warm atmosphere

An Accessible Bathroom 9

  • A low-flow Kohler handheld fixture extends to the shower bench

An Accessible Bathroom 10

  • Flat and matte pebble stones create a slip-proof floor throughout the wet area and the large-format wall tiles create a clean look that stays fresh with minimal effort.

An Accessible Bathroom 11

  • The retractable grab bars are conveniently tucked on either side of the toilet for better accessibility. 
  • The family favorite feature is the heated toilet seat and bidet!

An Accessible Bathroom 12

  • The custom-built vanity allows wheelchair access and adds a splash of warm, natural finished wood to the space.
  • The large vanity mirror is mounted at a slight angle so it can be used while sitting or standing
  • Elegant tile on the backsplash is installed in a herringbone pattern to add interest and design from floor to ceiling.
  • We also installed the backsplash tile beneath the sink. These touches don’t cost much, but they make the final product look more high-end.

Candice’s Design Tips

Don’t be afraid to mix and match tile textures and color! Homeowners might be afraid to mix pebble floor tile with large-format wall tiles, faux wood tile flooring, and a herringbone backsplash, but all these finishes look so great together. Just make sure each tile and texture fits into your color story.

Renovation Material:


Backsplash Tile | Textuality
Floor Tile |Othello
Countertop |Ironsbridge Quartz
Mirror |Elegant Lighting
Medicine Cabinets |Kohler
Lighting |Livex
Faucet Fixture |Delta
Paint |Behr Palais White

Wet Area

Floor Tile |Hemisphere
Wall Tile |Stone Mountain
Tub |American Standard
Shower and Handheld |Delta
Stool |Serena & Lily
Wall Art |Caroline Chriss, artist

Toilet Area

Grab Bars |Moen
Toilet |Kohler
Bidet |Kohler

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